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*New* Susanna Fogel, The Director of “The Spy Who Dumped Me” Speaks About Sam Heughan With Variety   2 comments


From Variety

A real breakout in this movie is Sam Heughan, who stars in “Outlander,” but I wasn’t too familiar with him before this. He turns out to be great with comedy. 
I wasn’t familiar with him either, unlike seemingly every other woman on the planet. After I cast him, so many people’s moms and aunts and friends from home were like, “I love that guy!” Totally by coincidence, a few days before he was brought in, a friend tried to explain the plot of “Outlander” to me and I got completely lost. But he was so endearing. The role wasn’t written as hunky a guy as he naturally is, but he was so sweet and natural he made it accessible. We were like, “We shouldn’t give him demerits for being so attractive!”

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