In Honor of #WorldOutlanderDay We’re Honoring Diana Gabaldon With at Throwback Pic Post of +340 Pics!

In honor of World Outlander Day, we’re honoring the very person who started it all, Diana Gabaldon. So here’s a throwback pic post of 340+ Pics of Diana Gabaldon. Thank you for creating such a wonderful series Diana!

Thank you Diana, for letting use your Facebook pics. 

“March 6th, 1988 is the day I began to write what would eventually become OUTLANDER. I meant to write a practice book, in order to learn how to write a novel. Once I knew how it all worked, I thought, I could write a _real_ novel; one I meant to be published. But I didn’t mean to tell anyone what I was doing, let alone show it to anybody.”
-Diana Gabaldon

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