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NEW Interview with Ron D. Moore from Showbiz Junkies   1 comment

Here is a NEW Interview with Ron D. Moore from Showbiz Junkies

From Showbiz Junkies :

I can usually spot Ronald D. Moore at Outlander events wearing a kilt. For the Starz Television Critics Association party this summer, he was wearing khakis. I actually asked him about the switch to pants and he joked, “Well, you know, you’ve got to mix it up, keep everybody guessing.”

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New Sam Heughan Interview with Showbiz Junkies   4 comments

Here’s a new Sam Heughan interview with Showbiz Junkies


From Showbiz Junkies

Sam Heughan can be forgiven for not remembering what day it is and what city he’s visiting after traveling through a handful of countries between December 18, 2015 and Starz’ Outlander press event at the Television Critics Association gathering in Los Angeles, CA on January 8th. Grabbing a few minutes with the talented Scottish actor who’s won over a legion of fans with his performance as Jamie Fraser in the critically acclaimed, award-winning series, Heughan tried to recall all of the time zones he’s recently passed through. 

“I can’t even tell you,” said Heughan, laughing. “Yeah, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, America…”

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Sam Heughan’s Interview With ShowBiz Junkies   3 comments


Here’s an interview Sam did with ShowBiz Junkies. 

From ShowBiz Junkies

Now that Claire and Jamie are finally together, what is their biggest hurdle in the second part of season one?
Sam Heughan: “Wow, the biggest hurdle is what happens at the very end of the season. The whole second part really taxes their relationship. They’re trying, fighting their way to get back to where they were on the wedding night, really. It’s the great tragedy of the show, I think, for this wonderful relationship is [that it’s] actually tainted for good. I don’t think we can ever get back there. They’re constantly being tested by the things that happen. Jamie’s having to grow up. They’re all having to come to terms with where they are. They’re constantly trying to find a way to reconnect and the very end of the season, they’re both left in a very tentative place.”

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