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*NEW* Tobias Menzies’ Interview with NY Times   1 comment

Here’s a Q&A with Tobias Menzies from NY Times

From NY Times:

“Shock and horror are legitimate feelings to experience when you’re watching a story,” said Ron Moore in a recent interview about the Season 1 finale of Starz’s “Outlander.” And it was hard not to feel both emotions while watching “To Ransom a Man’s Soul,” in which we see in flashback the brutalization of Jamie, the show’s male hero, by the villain Black Jack Randall. As I wrote in my episode recap, because of the way it addressed sexual assault, it was “an important episode of television because it takes the time to fully explore what recovery actually looks like and understands that it’s by no means simple or straightforward.”

As compelling as Mr. Heughan is in the season’s final pair of episodes, Tobias Menzies, who plays Black Jack, is riveting. We spoke to Mr. Menzies about the season finale. Here are edited excerpts from the conversation.

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