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TV Guide: Learn to Speak Gaelic   2 comments

TV Guide was on the set of Outlander with Àdhamh Ó Broin.

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Àdhamh Ó Broin, Glasgow language coach, talks about teaching the cast Gaelic   2 comments


From Evening Times

Àdhamh was drafted in to make sure every vowel, accent and intonation was perfect on the US time-travel blockbuster, that is about to go into production for a second series in Cumbernauld.

No easy feat among three Englishmen and three lowland Scots, he says.

Only Irish actress Catriona Balfe, who plays English 1940s’ nurse Clare Randall, could say any more than Ciamar a tha thu? to Àdhamh, which is Gaelic for Adam.

He has particular praise for Dumfries-born actor Sam Heughan, who plays main character Jamie Fraser, and who has melted female hearts worldwide with his tender Gaelic endearments to Claire.

“The person who could hold it up consistently and dish out the acting while doing it was Sam,” says Àdhamh.

“When he got into his flow, he was absolutely unstoppable. He was just glorious.

“Sam and Duncan (Lacroix) got to the stage where if you sat them down, they could hold a conversation for 30 to 40 seconds.”

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