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From Examiner

Tobias Menzies plays Frank Randall.

What is the greatest challenge of playing this character?

Just being two different people. Being convincingly two different people, but using the same face to do it. You know that’s the challenge, the conundrum, what’s exciting about it. You know I was always very keen to not to make it based on some overt physicality like a limp … to make it the soul of the person looking out. How do you calibrate that? So really I had to do my homework, learned my lines, trust the story just anything, but hope there were some other qualities coming out. I feel, they do feel like two different men.

It’s a sexy show. Do you find that women react differently to you now?

Are you saying that women are throwing their knickers at me? Is that the question? … I live in London and the show hasn’t been playing in England. It has just came out. It just started playing now. So I could do anything in London and no one gives a damn.

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