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NEW Interview with Caitriona Balfe from Elle   Leave a comment

Here is a NEW interview with Caitriona Balfe from Elle


From Elle :

It’s finally back on for the time travel-afflicted lovers in Outlander season three. Viewers were devastated when Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) were left facing 20 years apart in the season two finale. But luckily, the couple are set to find each other again in a “very heartwarming, very tender” reunion, Balfe told at the pre-Golden Globes BAFTA tea in Los Angeles.

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*NEW* Photos and Interview of Sam Heughan with ELLE   4 comments

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From Elle Magazine:

So, what was going through your head as you were filming that pivotal, virginal, hugely anticipated sex scene?

We’re very aware that there was some anticipation about that scene, of course. Caitriona [Balfe] and I hadn’t done many of those scenes before. I’d done a little on-stage and in other productions, but it was very much about making our own discovery together. It’s about two people discovering each other; it wasn’t about playing a virgin or playing someone who doesn’t know what he’s doing. [My character] Jamie is also invested in it and he’s kind of fallen for her already, or at least, is at the precipice of falling. It’s about him really feeling every moment and it being very sensual. We wanted it to be very sensual. We didn’t want it to be gratuitous or soft porn. I think, if you watch it, we don’t really show an awful lot more than any other show does—in fact we probably show less.

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Caitriona Balfe Interview with ELLE   2 comments


From ELLE:

What initially drew you to the role of Claire?
She felt like a very modern woman. She’s very intelligent, very strong, and has found herself in a place where she constantly has to fight to be who she is. It’s such a crazy concept for her not to stand up and fight for what she believes is right and just. She never sees herself as a victim and uses whatever she has at her disposal to get through adverse times.

Yes, she’s a tough cookie. But vulnerable, too. A full-spectrum woman. Did you have any “Claires” in your life who inspired you?
So many! I have two incredible sisters who have very high-powered jobs and kids and, you know, both have their masters; one runs triathlons all the time. Or my grandmother, who was a nurse during the second World War. Women of that generation, they had to be everything. They were going out into the workforce and still had to be caretakers.

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***There is also a new trailer which you can watch that is at the end of the interview. For copyright purposes, we can not post the video on our site***

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*Video* of Caitriona Balfe at ELLE’S Annual Women in Television Celebration   4 comments

Here’s a fan video of Caitriona Balfe at Elle’s Annual Women in Television Celebration. 

Source: Mayra Cansigno


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HQ Pics of Caitriona Balfe at ELLE’S Annual Women in Television Celebration   6 comments

Pictures of Caitriona Balfe from ELLE’s Annual Women in Television Celebration on January 13th.


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