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Throwback Post: 600+ UHQ Stills from Season 1 of #Outlander   2 comments

Here’s our throwback post of the day. 600+ UHQ stills from the first season of Outlander. 

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*Re-upload* 1,385+ UHQ (1080p) Screencaps of Episode 1×16 of Outlander “To Ransom a Man’s Soul”   Leave a comment

Here are 1,385+ UHQ (1080p) screencaps from episode 1×16 of Outlander, “To Ransom a Man’s Soul” that we made for you guys. This is a re-upload as we had previously deleted them due to space issues. If you use them, please link back to the site. To check out the screencaps from all the other episodes click here

The gallery might take a little while to load because it’s so screencap heavy, but once it’s loaded you should be fine. 

***To get the full high res cap click on the thumbnail and then at the bottom on the right click “View full size 1920×1080″ ***


***Please note that some screencaps are very graphic and NSFW*

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