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NEW Interview With Outlander Makeup Artist Anne McEwen From Yahoo Entertainment   6 comments

Here is a NEW Interview with Outlander Makeup Artisy Anne McEwen From Yahoo Entertainment

From Yahoo TV:

We already knew that Jamie was taking Claire’s departure back through the stones hard. But the second episode of Outlander‘s third season reveals just how much the loss of his Sassenach spouse has affected the handsome Highlander. Picking up in 1752, six years after Jamie’s miraculous survival at the Battle of Culloden, “Surrender” finds him skulking around the forest surrounding his family home of Lallybroch in the unkempt guise of the outlaw, the Dunbonnet. To say Jamie doesn’t look his best would be an understatement: with his long, tangled hair, a beard with the consistency of steel wool and skin that clearly hasn’t seen a sponge in at least three years, he’s the 18th-century embodiment of the 21st-century word, fugly. The person tasked with giving Sam Heughan this extreme makeover is the show’s makeup designer, Annie McEwan. Yahoo TV spoke with McEwan about designing the Dunbonnet’s look, and how Heughan likes being mucky.

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