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NEW Interview with the Cast and Crew of Outlander from Marie Claire   2 comments

Here is a NEW Interview with the Cast and Crew of Outlander from Marie Claire

From MC:

Outlander is famous for its sex scenes—but unlike many shows on television, these scenes don’t just serve to titillate and objectify. They’re stories within the story, never superfluous, and always purposeful. They drive character development, and are essential to the relationship between protagonists Claire and Jamie. They’re also just really beautiful to watch, because guess what? Sex is normal and showing it on TV isn’t a big deal!

In celebration of Jamie and Claire finally getting back together (across time and space, no less) in Outlander’s upcoming episode, spoke to cast members and creators about the making of the show’s four most memorable sex scenes. 

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NEW Interview with Anna Foerster from LA Weekly   1 comment

Here is a NEW interview with Anna Foerster from LA Weekly


From LA Weekly :

What does it take for a woman to win the trust it takes to become an action director? For Anna Foerster, it took two decades, an expert’s knowledge of visual effects and cinematography, and a directing gig on key episodes of a cult television show — Starz’s Outlander. Now she’s helming the fifth film in a big-budget action franchise, Underworld: Blood Wars.

“An executive at Lakeshore Entertainment is a big fan of Outlander, and he called up my agent and said, ‘I want to meet the person who did that last episode,’ ” Foerster says of the roundabout way she got the Blood Wars job.

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*NEW* Fan Pic of Anna Foerster at The Women’s Image Awards   1 comment

Here is a NEW fan pic of Anna Foerster at The Women’s Image Awards

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Caitriona Balfe, Anne Kenney, Anna Foerster and Toni Graphia Nominated for The Women’s Image Network Awards   4 comments

 Caitriona Balfe, Anne Kenney, Anna Foerster, and Toni Graphia earn nominations at The Women’s Image Network Awards

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*New* Ron D. Moore & Anna Foerster’s Interview with Entertainment Weekly **FINALE SPOILERS**   1 comment

Here is Ron D. Moore and Anna Foerster’s interview with Entertainment Weekly

From EW:

This story contains spoilers from Outlander’s season finale. You’ve been warned—read at your own risk!

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Ron D. Moore and Anna Foerster Interview with Entertainment Weekly ***Spoilers***   7 comments

Here’s a Ron D. Moore and Anna Foerster interview with Entertainment Weekly ***Spoilers***

From Entertainment Weekly

Then, during Outlander’s 15th episode—with time ticking towards Jamie’s imminent execution—Claire used her cunning to break into Wentworth Prison, only to find herself face-to-face with evil Black Jack Randall (Tobias Menzies). “Wentworth Prison” also saw Jamie strike a deal with Black Jack in exchange for Claire’s freedom, which resulted a devastatingly bloody scene involving a hefty hammer and an iron nail. Here, executive producer Ronald D. Moore and episode director Anna Foerster (who helmed “The Wedding” and “Both Sides Now” earlier in the season) reveal details about the episode’s violent scenes, and hint at what’s to come in the Scotland-set season finale.

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