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New UHQ Stills from Episode 2×09 of Outlander “Je Suis Prest”   2 comments

Here are 10 UHQ stills from episode 2×09 of Outlander titled “Je Suis Prest”. 



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New Clip and Article from IGN for Outlander Episode 2×09 ‘Je Suis Prest’   2 comments

From IGN:

The crew of Outlander has missed shooting on location in Scotland, but after a week of terrible rains that turned the massive farm they’re shooting on into a muddy mess, they welcome the sunlight and balmy weather. It’s the perfect weather for Sam Heughan’s Jamie Fraser to train these wannabe soldiers how to use the weapons they’ll be fighting the British with.

“It feels like things are just beginning to ramp up,” Heughan told me later in his trailer after he’d wrapped for the day, sipping a glass of Laphroaig, his favorite whisky. “The first half of the season there’s a lot of talk about this great battle, about Culloden, about how we know this whole people and culture are doomed. Ultimately Jamie realizes that he can’t [stop Charles Stuart from raising the army]. He has to join them and has to help.”

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HQ Stills of Outlander Episode 2×09   1 comment

Here are some HQ stills of Outlander episode 2×09 ‘Je Suis Prest’


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