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New/Old picture of Caitriona Balfe with fans in 2015   Leave a comment

Here’s a pic of Caitriona Balfe with fans from 2015



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*VIDEO* New gag reel Outlander season 1, volume 1 Blu-Ray extra   2 comments

Sony released a new video of the gag reel which you can find on the blu-ray extras of Outlander season 1, volume 1.


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New scan of Outlander in SFX Magazine – November 2015   5 comments

Here’s a new scan of Outlander featured in SFX Magazine



New Picture of Stanley Weber   2 comments

Here’s a new pic of Stanley Weber




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*VIDEO* Few Clips of ‘When The Starlight Ends’ With Sam Heughan   3 comments

Here are few clips from Sam Heughan’s movie ‘When The Starlight Ends’


Click here or on the screencap to watch the video



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New/Old Fan Picture of Sam Heughan   Leave a comment

Here’s a pic of Sam Heughan with a fan from June




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New Sam Heughan Interview with ELLE Canada   4 comments

Sam Heughan interview with ELLE Canada


From ELLE Canada

For all you Heughlians out there wondering: Yes, your Scottish mega-crush really is as nice in real life as you all hope he would be. If you ever get the chance to sit down for a chat with the 35 year-old actor like I did (in a fancy Toronto hotel room while he was in town to talk aboutOutlander, and no, I have no spoilers), there’s a good chance he’ll compliment you at least twice before you sit down, and let his herbal tea get ice cold while he indulges your need to tell everyone you’ve met that you’re currently half-way through a 100 day no sugar challenge (more on that later).

And since we’re deep in the midst of #droughtlander, I can think of no better way to count down the months until the hit Starz series (about a time travelling Englishwoman and the handsome, chivalrous Scot she falls in love with when she falls into the 18th century), than to share this conversation with you, dedicated Heughlians.

Slainte mhath!

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New Picture of Graham McTavish   1 comment

Here’s a new of Graham McTavish he shared on twitter



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*NEW* HQ Pics of Sam Heughan   8 comments

We’re loving these three new HQ photos of Sam Heughan!


More after the jump!

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*VIDEO* Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe interview with TV Fanatic   2 comments

Here’s a new interview of Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe with TV Fanatic at Comic Con 2015



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