Season 4 Master Post

Season 4 Master Post

Here’s a master post where you’ll find everything from Outlander Season 4, Drums of Autumn, so far. We’ll update this post as things come in, so keep checking back. All the upcoming events are at the bottom of this post. Events will each have their own categories once they happen and will be updated with links to videos, pics, etc… 

General Season 4 Promo/Updates:

Casting: Stephen Bonnet | Aunt Jocasta | UlyssesGerald Forbes | Lizzie WemyssPhaedreGovernor William Tryon | Gayle | |  
Pics:  | | 
Season 4 Trailers:  Teaser Trailer | |  
Screencaps: Screencaps from the Teaser Trailer | | 
Stills: All stills released as of May 29th | First Nations Still | |
UHQ Stills:  UHQ stills as of May 29 | | 
BTS Pics:  EW Photoshoot BTS PicsCast BTS Pics as of May 29th | BTS Pic of Sam| BTS Pic of Sam & Cait | BTS Pic of Sam & Cait | BTS Pic of Sam, Cait and Leanne |  |
Pics of the Cast with Fans on Set: January 25th | January 28th | January 30th |  March 15th |May 28th| Videos from May 28th | |
Photoshoots:  EW (Sam and Cait) | | 
Various Videos: Season Greetings From Sam & Cait | Happy Valentine’s Day | World Outlander Day | Sam Speaking about Lord John, Brianna and Willie | Sam Speaking about the Villains of Season 4 | |
Interviews:  EW (Ron D. Moore & Maril Davis)  | Hollywood Reporter **MASSIVE SPOILER** (Ron D. Moore, Maril Davis, Matt Roberts) | TV Line (David Berry) | Digital Spy (Sam & Cait) | Brief Take (Sophie Skelton) | Gold Derby (Cait) | |



Emmy Panel (March 18th, 2018):

Fan & Media Pics & Video: Click here
HQ Pics of the Cast:
Click here 
Video of the Emmy Panel:
Click here

Denver Comic Con (June 15th-17th, 2018):

Fan & Media Pics & Video: Photo-Ops Day 2 | Fan & Panel Pics Day 2 | Photo-Ops Day 3 | Fan Pics Day 3 |
Video of Grahan and Lotte’s Q&A Panel:
Click here 

Upcoming Events:

June 2018 

June 30-July 1: The Land Con 2, France ( Sam, Cait, Steve, Sophie, Richard, John, Lauren): Click here for more details

July 2018 

July 13-15: Outlander’s Official Convention, Las Vegas (Cait, Graham, Stephen, Andrew, Lotte, Sophie, Richard, Steven, Cesar, Grant and Gary): Click here for more details 
July 14: Ceilidh on The Ridge, North Carolina (David Berry):
Click here for more details

August 2018 

Aug 10-12: Starfury Convention, UK (Cait, Tobias, Sophie, Richard, David, Lauren, Annette): Click here for more details
Aug 17-19: Outlander’s Official Convention, NJ (Sam, Cait, Tobias, Graham, Stephen, Steven, David, Cesar):
Click here for more details
Aug 23- 26: Wizard World Chicago (Sam, Cait, Sophie, Graham, Diana):
Click here for more details

September 2018 

Sept 1-2: 153rd Highland Gathering & Games Pleasanton, CA (Gary): Click here for more details

October 2018 

Oct. 6: NYCC (Sam, Cait, Richard & Sophie): Click here for more details 
Oct. 19-21: Surrey International Writers’ Conference (Diana):
Click here for more details
Oct. 20-21: Outlandish Vancouver (Steven, Cesar, Lauren):
Click here for more details
Oct. 28: Voyager 25th Anniversary Edition Book Signing at the Poisoned Pen (Diana):
Click here for more info

November 2018 

Nov. 30-Dec.1: Thru The Stones – Davenport, Iowa (Ed Speeler): Click here for more information 




Outlander renewed for Season 5 & 6 (The Fiery Cross & A Breath of Snow and Ashes)


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