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The Outlander Online team is made up of members from all over the world. Below you’ll find our Twitter accounts and more information about each of us. We are fans who run a site for the fans. We don’t consider ourselves staff as we’re more like a family. Each and every member of Outlander Online has a special role on the site.

If you click on the name it will bring you to our respective twitter page.

FPOnTheDL: aka Marie, creator and owner of ToR and owner of this website . Marie became a huge Outlander fan when she picked up the first book 15 years ago. Marie lives in Canada, she owns so many books that she could have her own personal library.

primrosesandrue: aka Paige. Paige is a big Outlander fan. She’s read all the books. She is a co-owner of Outlander-Online. Paige lives in Arizona.

DreamySim1: aka Sim. Sim lives in the Netherlands and is a graphic designer. She is also the co-owner of ToR with Marie and has her own graphic design company.

LaughOutLander: aka Kathy is a career publicist & published author living in Connecticut. Her love of Outlander started 18 years ago while on pregnancy bed rest. She believes her son was born a stubborn redhead through Gabaldonian osmosis.

The Rank and File aka Jane, Michelle, and Heather, admins of Richard Rankin’s official fan group, est. 2014. Long time Outlander book readers and #BrainyFangirls, we hail from Massachusetts, California, and Virginia.


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  1. Hi, Just found this site and listened to the Eposide #1 discussion, Have you already posted the others? If so where ? I am new to Outlander but have started reading the books, on Fieryy Cross ! I actually listened to Outlander on Audio, but then had to buy the ebook so I could go back and re-read portions as they happened. Very much looking forward to more discussions as none of my friends have started reading the books yet – got 2 hooked on the series ! Other than the Jamie Ghost thing, I have been trying to find the 2 reason when Jamie married Claire. I found the one at Lollybrook but I think there was another Jamie mentions …. so that would be my question for now. (it will most likely be in the upcoming series) …. Oh and … how can anyone like Black Jack after Wentworth !!!

  2. so glad this site exists. never read fiction, saw the series and bought all the books. completely in love with all of it.

  3. Finally taking time to read everything. You guys are amazing!!! Thank you, Thank you, Gun Robh Mìle Math Agad!

  4. I started with the Starz series, but a friend had already told me I needed to read these books and had them on my to-do list. After seeing episode 1, I began to “speed read” through the books. I have read the books a second time, but I watch the series often as if I am visiting friends.
    I can’t say enough about how the series interprets the books. I have been to Scotland, but it seems so much more rugged and beautiful in the show. I love the characters as they have been cast and visualizing them help aid me on my discovery of the books. The costumes are magnificent and there is a community of knitters trying to capture Claire’s Leoch style.

  5. Well read senior & mother of 5 adult children w college degrees, Team Leader in outreach abroad-visited castles n England countryside bt woud luv to visit Scotland as have ancestors frm there (Nesmith & McPipkin). Discovered Outlander after purchase of Tablet for reading. Had begun 1st book when series started…and couldnt put down! Great writer DG! IM HOOKED! Read all 8 in 2 mths! Got eldest son & 1 daughter onto series & they luv it 2! Want to get hard copy of Outlander Companion, tho I still have books on tablet. This helps me stay w series as it plays… is amazing contest too! Im young @ 72 and want 2 read book 9! I design & make crochet childrens apparrel & luv the assessories seen in recent episods; the cowls & shrugs r gorgeous! All of it is done so well! Luv the arts, theater & all things creatively done in excellence. I’ve also studied Nursing & Genealogy. These book cover a wide range of subjects & interests. I am a “Claire” and would like to believe my Jamie is still out there! Reading & seeing it come to life on screen is beyond expectations! Thank you all…😘💖
    Classy Lass in FL

  6. Am following online, retweted, and want to enter this Contest

  7. Marie, Hallo there! I’m just a little old Cajun gal from the bayou whose read the Outlander series twice. All 8. I’m tempted to read them again because I always find something that I missed or is clearer to me in its meaning. Just curious. How many times have you read the series or am I truly obsessed?

  8. I can’t tell how to post this is the correct place, but I was, for the first time, disappointed in the TV series. “Not in Scotland Anymore” was too much about the depravity of the French court. We did not need to witness the waxing in such detail, the pierced nipples received a lot of air time, and the addition of the sales pitch in the brothel was a cheap shot by the TV folks. My hope is that all this was condensed into the one episode to set the stage and demonstrate the complete 180 from life in Scotland. I’m not a prude and enjoyed watching anyone, of course. But I feel somewhat embarrassed to recommend the books to people I don’t know well — afraid they will judge DG’s novels by all the hyped sex in the series.

  9. discovered your website,gorgeous!So good to read Outlander’s song-theme on opening. Flawless pics’ choice #stylishsite TY
    I’m going to know the rest…. 😉

  10. Its been awhile since anyone posted! I am a huge fan since the books were first published. Kudos to the team for its adaptation. I would like an update on Ron and Terry as I haven’t seen much since their little ‘accident’…..hope to hear how they are mending…

  11. I’ve just started watching the series and love it. What accident did Ron and Terry have? I loved reading her blog.

    • Terry tripped over a dog and was briefly hospitalized, but is okay now. She announced on Twitter that she will leaving the show for personal reasons but will discuss season 4 costumes there with fans.

  12. I came across the Outlander books in the library several years ago and the television series on French Netflix (I live in the Paris region) and can’t wait until the third season arrives in France, most likely after it runs through in the US on Starz. I love the way your site keeps Outlander alive with excellent detailed news and photos. Thank you for your open mindedness and good work.

  13. We could not possibly love Caitriona Balfe any moremore!

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