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“Who Said It?” With The Cast of Outlander for Entertainment Weekly   Leave a comment

Full video of the cast of Outlander playing “Who Said It?” in a previously recorded segment for Entertainment Weekly. Listen in for Caitríona Balfe, Same Heughan, Sophie Skelton, Richard Rankin, Charles Vandervaart, David Berry, and John Bell guessing lines from across all seasons.

New Photos of David Berry   2 comments


New Photos of David Berry, who plays Lord John Grey on Outlander

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New: David Berry’s Interview With TV Insider Regarding Jamie Fraser and Lord John Grey’s Relationship In Season 7 of Outlander   2 comments

From TV Insider


“Lord John and Jamie find themselves on opposite sides of the war,” the actor notes. Lord John’s a loyalist, and Jamie is a rebel. These two have come to a point in their relationship where it’s pretty much untenable.” While they part ways in the episode with positivity as Lord John lends Jamie the sapphire he wore for Brianna (Sophie Skelton), there’s some hardship ahead it would seem.

“There’s gonna be a fracturing in their relationship to the point it’s really gonna test that love and that friendship, certainly for Lord John,” Berry continues. “And as things progress, [you’re] gonna see that relationship deteriorate even further to the point where maybe they become enemies, who knows?” Berry says with a teasing tone.

“When they’re on different sides of the war we can only expect that they’re gonna come to heads at some point,” Berry says plainly.

In between their line is William who is still unaware that Jamie is his biological father as Lord John has raised him for the past two decades. “Jamie and Lord John basically have this William character to contend with in every scene and his secret,” Berry confirms. “And anytime William comes to a scene, I say he’s a ticking time bomb.”

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New Video: David Berry’s Interview With TV Line Regarding Jamie and Lord John’s Goodbye in Outlander   2 comments

Here’s a new video of David Berry’s interview with TV Line regarding Jamie Fraser and Lord John’s goodbye in episode 7×02 of Outlander. 

New: Sophie Skelton, David Berry and Charles Vandervaart’s Interview With From Town & Country   1 comment

From T&C:

Given that author Diana Gabaldon started publishing her Outlander series in the early ’90s, there are certain scenes the fans have been waiting years to see on screen. One such highly anticipated moment? Brianna and William’s first meeting, depicted in this week’s episode.

“There’s been a huge fan expectation for this moment. Of course, it’s the first time that we see an adult William. For audiences, it’s Charles’s big introduction into the series,” explains David Berry, who plays William’s adoptive father Lord John Grey on the series. [ed note: Charles Vandervaart joins the cast in season seven, playing the adult version of William.]

“So we bring the weight of that, and the fan expectation, and then there are layers to everyone’s dynamics and their relationships within that scene.” Of course, fans of the book and the show alike know that William is Jamie’s son (kudos to the casting director; the resemblance is uncanny), but he remains oblivious, and while he thinks he’s meeting a sort of distant family friend in Brianna, Brianna, Lord John, and Jamie, who is watching the interaction unfold from afar, are all aware that it’s far more significant than that.

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New Clip From Episode 7×02 of Outlander ‘Brianna Meets William’   2 comments

Here’s a new clip from episode 7×02 of Outlander titled ‘Brianna Meets William’ 

NEW Sneak Peek Clip From Outlander 7×02 “The Happiest Place on Earth” – Jamie and Lord John   2 comments

Here is a NEW Sneak Peek Clip From 7×02 Outlander – Jamie and Lord John Grey


New Stills of David Berry As Lord John Grey In Season 7 of Outlander   4 comments

Here are some new stills of David Berry as Lord John Grey in Season 7 of Outlander. 


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*New* 550+ HQ Screencaps From the Trailer of Season 7 of Outlander   1 comment

Here are 500+HQ Screencaps for the trailer of season 7 of Outlander, that we made for you all. I had made some before but wasn’t satisfied with the quality. Hopefully these are better. 

***If you use them, please source and link back to the site***

Click to make bigger 


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Outlander Season 7 Master Post – Everything You Need In One Post: Videos, Photos, Interviews, Events   2 comments

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Outlander Season 7 Master Post Banner

Here’s a master post where you’ll find everything from Outlander Season 7, so far. We’ll update this post as things come in, so keep checking back. All the upcoming events are at the bottom of this post. Events will each have their own categories once they happen and will be updated with links to videos, pics, etc… 

***For Older Events, Videos & Interviews Scroll Down***

Updated list of The Cast’s Social Media Accounts

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