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*New* Caitriona Balfe’s Interview With Gold Derby #Outlander Season 4 Spoilers   Leave a comment

Here’s Caitriona Balfe interview with Gold Derby. It contains Outlander Season 4 spoilers. 


Looking for an Outlander Wallpaper, iPhone Wallpaper or Twitter Header? Here are 27 of Them Made by our Graphic Designer @DreamySim1   1 comment

Many people have been asking us over the past few days if we have more Outlander Wallpapers and iPhone wallpapers. Yes we do! We even have some Twitter Headers that our amazing graphic designer Sim made in the past. So to help you out, we’ve rounded them all up in this post. She also promised to make us some new ones soon!

I’ve also added a few icons that we’ve made at the bottom of the post. We should start making icons again soon. 

Click to make full size and right click to download.


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*New* Still & Article From #Outlander Season 4 With Cherokee and Mohawk Nations   3 comments

Here’s a new still from season 4 of Outlander featuring Cherokee and Mohawk Nations. 

From Radio Times

More than 100 First Nation Canadians have arrived in Scotland to play a number of speaking and supporting roles in Outlander season four and has your first EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at them in action.

Season four sees Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) navigating the trials and tribulations of life in Colonial America.

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Awesome New #Outlander Season 4 Wallpaper & iPhone 6 Wallpaper of Brianna Fraser and Roger Wakefield Made by Our Designer @DreamySim1   1 comment

Here’s an awesome new Outlander wallpaper, featuring Brianna Fraser and Roger Wakefield, that our designer Sim made for us. She also made an iPhone 6 wallpaper which you can find after the jump. 

***Please do not repost as yours***

Click to make bigger and right click to download. The size is 1920×1200


iPhone 6 Wallpaper after the jump! 

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Throwback Pic Post: 330+ Pics & Screencaps of John Bell   2 comments

Over the past few weeks we’ve been doing throwback pic post of Outlander actors. Today is John Bell’s day.  So far we’ve done posts for: David BerryDiana GabaldonDuncan LacroixGraham McTavishRichard Rankin Sophie Skelton and we did a throwback pic post of all the BTS Pics here. You can check out each post by clicking on their names. Enjoy! 


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*New* Sophie Skelton Speaks About #Outlander Season 4 With Brief Take   1 comment

Here’s part of an interview Sophie Skelton did with Brief Take where she talks about Season 4 of Outlander, Drums of Autumn. 

From Brief Take

BT: What you can tell me about the upcoming season of Outlander?

SS: We see Brianna go back in time to the kind of carefree ’70’s, and then we see the juxtaposition of the 1800’s, how that’s really different for Brianna. In the beginning, with losing her Mum, she sort of just became an orphan. She went from having two parents, to three, to none. And then she finds out some information about her parents and decides to go back in time to save their lives and change the course of history, and she sort of gets caught up in the American Revolution, just the corruption of the times. It’s good because then the show addresses a very relevant topic and things happen to Brianna that are in the media right now, just in terms of the modern day version of what happens to Bree. So hopefully again it will be one of those things that helps victims of abuse and seeing it through a character’s eyes again will allow people to have more empathy to go through what Brianna goes through, but also helps victims too. But it’s interesting because you do see a modern woman out of her time dealing with problems that she wouldn’t even see in her day.

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Throwback Pic Post: All the BTS Pics From #Outlander Seasons 1 through 4 (530+ Pics)   8 comments

As a throwback pic post today, we decided to do a post of all the BTS pics from Outlander, Seasons 1 through 4. It might take a while to load, there’s more than 530+ pics. We hope you enjoy!



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