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From Parade

It’s an unanticipated moment when Claire decides to speak to a young British officer about the appalling treatment of the prisoners and their need for food, water, and medical supplies, and she quickly realizes that she is speaking to Jamie’s son William. And William, who had met Claire when he was a boy and visited Fraser’s Ridge, is surprised to discover that she’s a prisoner because he knows that Jamie and Lord John were friends.

“William is (naturally) quite surprised to meet Claire again, and more so when he realizes that she’s a rebel,” Diana tells Parade in this exclusive commentary. “Still, he’s a considerate and gallant young man, and he knows that the Frasers at least were friends of his father (and he assumes that his father likely doesn’t know about the Frasers now being traitors to the Crown). Beyond that, he’s been raised to respect and protect women in general, and his instinct is to do that for Claire.

“I doubt he’d feel strongly about her being a rebel, as she’s not taking up arms against the King (and he may think that she’s only a rebel because her husband chose that path and–being a woman–would have had no choice but to follow him).”

But Claire knows that Jamie is always hungry for news of William, and so even though she’s in dire circumstances, she’s thrilled to have run into William and glean what little knowledge of him that she can.

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