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Photo of Charles Vandervaart as William Ransom in episode 7x06 of Outlander

From Parade

We asked Charles how he prepared to play Jamie’s son.

“I watched the show, of course, and I had lots of discussions about what mannerisms or what behaviors that Jamie has that William would also have,” he tells Parade. “And, likewise, with my dad who raised me, Lord John Grey, what kind of traits that William has that he inherited from Lord John—the dad that stepped up. But I think it was also important that William was his own person. He’s not just a carbon copy of Jamie or of Lord John Grey. He has his own attributes, but he definitely has that same fire and attitude, that passion that Jamie has, while he gets a lot of his mannerisms from Lord John Grey.”

“I think a lot of his eagerness to go to war is just purely of ignorance because he doesn’t realize how messy and how bloody and how horrible war can be,” he says. “But he has a similar passion to Young Ian [John Bell], that he really wants to fight for what he believes in. And it’s interesting that they’re on opposite sides because when we did meet each other, we formed quite a lovely relationship.”

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