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Siblings Rachel and Denzell Hunter (Joey Phillips) join the story this season and immediately interact with the Frasers.

“They are such kind, lovely people and i think, being Quakers, they are very devout in their faith and want to do as much good as they can in the world,” Phillips said of Rachel and Denzell.

“It’s really interesting that conflict that they both go through, being kicked out of the Quaker meeting and thrust into this world of violence and war and how they navigate through that.”

Denzell feels guilty about taking Rachel out of her sheltered existence and putting her in so much peril, because he believes helping the sick and injured is the right thing to do, even though many of his fellow pacifist Quakers felt they should not participate in the war in any way.

The Quaker doctor also has a close connection to Claire, who trained as a surgeon in the 1960s, and then brought her knowledge back to the more primitive era of the late 1770s.

“I love that he is one of the first men in the medical field to give Claire the respect she deserves,” Phillips said.

“She’s so brilliant and so often is so underappreciated. I think Denzell — absolutely from the moment he meets her — is on the same level. There is such a deep respect between the two of them and, to get to work as a team with Claire and Caitriona, has been such a dream.”

Rachel also has a positive relationship with Claire.

“The two of them are very similar people and they see that in each other. They have a lot of love for each other,” Meikle-Small said.

“I am working at the hospital with them as a nurse,” she added. “We spend a lot of time together in these hospital camps. Because we are orphans, Claire is a motherly figure, and she kind of takes us under her wing.”

The pair sees less of Jamie as the war begins in earnest after a lengthy lead-up of skirmishes.

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