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From TV Fanatics

Tom Christie is a very complex man with a very strong moral code. How did that play into giving his life in exchange for Claire’s?

Yeah. It’s a big journey, isn’t it?

It is.

From where we first meet Tom to where we end up. I guess you do it bit by bit, and it’s a very slow reveal. Those scenes in Series Six are great fun to play, even though he comes across as a very unlikable character and nobody can warm to him, and he’s incredibly strict and pious and self-willed and stubborn and all that.

They’re actually great fun to play those scenes.

Oh, sure.

Because the thing that I really loved about them was that the writers had always put points of vulnerability in there, which of course, he tries to conceal, but if you look back at even the first time he meets Claire and when he reads the book Tom Jones, and the operation and fainting and screaming with pain, and trying to whip Malva, but his hand’s not working.

All that stuff was great to play, and the payoff, I guess, is that you get to that place of vulnerability, genuine vulnerability.

By the time we get to the beginning of [Outlander Season 7], you get the real Tom, the vulnerable Tom, the Tom that feels love, genuine love, and is able to sacrifice himself on behalf of another.

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