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We meet the brother-sister duo after William (Charles Vandervaart) injures himself during his ill-fated mission to travel through North Carolina’s Dismal Swamp and is brought to their door for medical help. Together Denzell, his sister, and Young Ian (John Bell) — who appears to have learned a thing or two from his auntie — help save the young British soldier from succumbing to his wounds.

And if you thought you could see sparks flying between Rachel and both Ian and William, your eyes weren’t deceiving you.

“William and Ian have never really encountered someone like Rachel,” Meikle-Small told Insider when asked about the lingering looks the trio exchanged in the episode.

“I think William especially, he grew up as a Lord and all of the women he’s been around are staid and demure and there’s social constructs that keep them in place,” she continued. “Rachel’s obviously grown up very different to that, she says what she wants. I think he’s really taken aback by that, but finds it equally intriguing.”

However, she hinted that, as longtime fans of “Outlander” know, the romance plots are never straightforward. Viewers could very well see a “love triangle” develop between the three as Ian likewise sees Rachel “as this very complex, interesting woman.”

As for why exactly Rachel is such a breath of fresh air for the men of “Outlander,” Joey Phillips, who plays Rachel’s brother, Denzell Hunter, explained: “Quakers were really ahead of their time in the way they saw equality.”

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