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Casting is always a big part of storytelling. Can you imagine anyone else playing Jamie and Claire than Sam Heughan and Caitríona Balfe? Well, Denzell and Rachel will be playing a big role in the rest of season 7 into season 8, so getting that casting just right was important – and New York Times bestselling author Diana Gabaldon was happy with the results.

Outlander’s casting director/team pull it off again!” she told Parade. “I was delighted to meet Joey and Izzy on set at Lake Menteith a year or so ago. From stature (they’re both slightly taller than I am, but everybody is…) to having a very direct, pure sort of impact…they inhabit the Hunters beautifully. Tough, sturdy, and totally honest; emotionally very open.”


“William’s journey into the Great Dismal (back in the day, “dismal” was a word that just meant “swamp”) takes a bit more room in the book, but I admit that trying to film a cottonmouth chasing William (they really do chase people, if riled up enough) would be a) difficult and b) time-consuming, and there is a lot of more important material to cover,” Diana said of the changes made from the novel to the TV series.

Then she continued, “I’d say the major necessary points were covered, those being William’s meeting with Ian (with Ian and reader/viewer Knowing, and William Not Knowing [that Jamie is his father]), and his later meeting with the Hunters. We’ve also seen William at his first kill, and his reaction to it, which I think was important to his character development (and an echo of his parentage).”

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