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From Variety

This episode, your characters meet under not-so-great circumstances, well for William at least. We start to see how you two are opposites in some ways, but alike in others. Could there be a friendship budding here or conflict?

JOHN BELL: Well, you owe me your life!

CHARLES VANDERVAART: That’s true. You saved my life. So there’ll be interesting things to come from that.

BELL: That was the first scene we shot together. It’s a great little meeting of characters. I had such fun bouncing off of you that day.

VANDERVAART: There was a great feeling of familiarity between the two of us.

BELL: I loved the power dynamic between us where I actually know more about you than you do yourself. Seeing you struggle to find your own identity at that moment, I want to just reach out and hug you and say it’s going to be all right. But I cant, I’ve got my loyalty to Jamie there.

VANDERVAART: That’s such a common theme at the beginning of this for William. Every time he has a conversation, there are so many people that know more about who he is. He doesn’t really know anything about his true parentage. There’s something to note too between the two of us is we’re both really passionate about serving and fighting. We just happen to be on opposite sides completely. We’re quite similar but it’s just by circumstance that I’m on one side and he’s on the other.

Both of you have chemistry with Rachel. What can you share about the relationship you’ll each have with her this season?

VANDERVAART: I think we both fancy her.

BELL: Both of us, yes.

VANDERVAART: She’s a strong woman. She’s beautiful. Smart. What’s not to like?

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