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Collider: What does it feel like to be at the point with Outlander where you can say that you only have one season left? Was there like an immediate feeling or emotion that you had, when you heard Season 8 would be the last season?

RICHARD RANKIN: Yeah, I had to be consoled. I was depressed for days.

SOPHIE SKELTON: We went into Season 7 thinking that it was gonna be the last one, so Season 8 is a bonus for us and a bonus for the fans. It means we get more time with these characters and with the family that we’ve created, so it’s good. There’s still joy to be had yet. And Season 7 is such a fantastic season. There are 16 episodes, so we’re a long way off it feeling like the end yet.

RANKIN: We’ve got a good bit to go before thinking about the end.

What does spending so much time with the same character feel like? Has there been a happiest surprise of that experience, that you weren’t expecting?

SKELTON: For Roger and Bree, they’ve been through so much and had so much trauma. For me, just seeing Brianna come out the other side of that, and just be the woman that she’s become and the mother she’s become, is just really cool to see. You feel very protective of your characters. It’s almost like they are friends now. It sounds weird, but they are real people to us now. We’ve been in their heads for eight years, so it’s just really great and it’s very comforting, having that constant.

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