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“I think a lot of people will say, ‘Oh, that’s not the ’80s I know,’” says Davis, acknowledging that fans expecting to see shoulder pads, big hair, and neon clothes may be disappointed by the show’s naturalistic approach. “People have to remember, this was the 1980s in the Highlands, which is going to be a bit different from the 1980s in, say, Los Angeles. But we did push the envelope a little bit with hairstyles and clothing, because we wanted that to pop.”

To that end, costume designer Trisha Biggar put Sophie Skelton’s Brianna in a bold jewel-tone to kick off the 1980s storyline—a teal wrap cardigan that immediately feels distinct from any of the show’s previous eras, as do Bree’s new blowout and bangs. “They’ve come from Boston, a metropolitan city in the U.S., to a very rural part of Scotland, so it was interesting to think about their journey to get there, what clothes they’ve picked up along the way, and then the difference between them and their neighbors in rural Scotland, where people are not very up to date with fashion,” Biggar explains. The clearest example of this comes early on when Bree and Roger pay a visit to his friend Fiona, whose traditional wardrobe cuts a sharp contrast to Bree’s bold colours and more fitted silhouette. “Although Fiona’s young, realistically she wouldn’t be eye-catching in terms of fashion, so we have her in local knitwear with a print blouse.”

For Skelton, Brianna’s return to her 20th century origins was a chance to discover new dimensions to a character she now knows inside out. “She left [the 20th century] in the 1960s, as a teenager, so coming back lat a matured woman and mother was like finding her identity trough clothes all over again, which was super fun for us to do,” she reflects, adding that she and Biggar took time to find the right balance between character growth and consistency. “I really fought to keep her tomboy-ish elements, and Trisha was a fan of some of the more feminine and floral aspects peeping through as well. I think that ended up being the perfect concoction, and we found a way for both sides of Brianna to shine through.”

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