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“I don’t know when her book’s coming out,” Maril told Parade. “I have to imagine it’s still at least a couple years away. Matt [showrunner Matthew B. Roberts] and I have talked about this a lot, and I think Matt feels this way and so do I, that we respect Diana enough to let her do what she wants to do. We don’t want to step on her books. It’s one thing if the books are out and we’re adapting her material. It’s another thing if we’re trying to do her ending before she’s had a chance to write it. Unless she wanted us to do that, and we could have that conversation.”


“We want to be respectful of her and we’re going to have to end the show a different way, I think,” Maril continues. “Still, it’s a lot of pressure. You want to make it satisfying. We want to be satisfied and we want the fans to be satisfied. We want to leave the show in a place that you’re feeling, ‘I’m sad but ‘Oh, my God, that was amazing.’”


“I don’t know yet,” admits Maril, who is one of the two people to whom Diana has revealed the end of the story. Sam Heughan is the other. “We have been in the writers’ room but haven’t figured out what that ending will be. I don’t know that we’ll see that because I would imagine Diana might wrap that up in her book, so I don’t know if we would or not. That’s a TBD. But that also means to me if we see Jamie’s ghost that must mean Jamie died. And I will say, though, all bets are off for Season 8. Anyone could go.”

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  2. I hope the writers’ strike will end soon too, for the writers’ sake and for any productions put on hold. A waiting game is very stressful. I have every confidence that Maril Davis and producers will treat the ending with Diana Gabaldon in mind, and respect her books (and the one still waiting to be finished). That is quite a challenge. Thank you for sharing the interview with everyone.

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