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Here is a NEW Interview with Mark Lewis Jones from TV Insider

TV Insider:

Outlander is back and delivered plenty of emotions in its Season 7 premiere episode, “A Life Well Lost.” As Jamie (Sam Heughan) raced to save Claire (Caitriona Balfe) from potential death, his fellow Scotsman Tom Christie (Mark Lewis Jones) stayed close by her in order to keep watch.

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While she remained imprisoned for allegedly murdering Tom’s daughter Malva (Jessica Reynolds), Tom sought justice in the form of a fair legal process. When Claire is whisked away to care for Governor Martin’s (Eugene O’Hare) pregnant wife, she sends a letter back for Tom, conveying her desire to have Jamie come and rescue her.

It’s his involvement that allows the Frasers to be reunited and ultimately set free when he makes the gallant choice to sacrifice himself by confessing to the crime neither he nor Claire committed. While Tom is partly responsible for the predicament Claire and Jamie find themselves in, his sacrifice ultimately stems from his feelings for the Fraser family matriarch.

“I’m not sure he’s racked with guilt. I think he’s filled with love,” Jones tells TV Insider about Tom’s choice to confess so he can save Claire. “It’s always felt like he’s been waiting for this one opportunity to show love, and it presents itself in the shape of Claire.”

“I always feel that he’s been heading towards [that] really,” he continues. “In Season 6, he’d been incredibly uptight and pious with Claire in particular, and that was in order to hide his true feelings. When we get to Season 7, he’s in a position where he can reveal how he really feels, not just with Claire, but with [Jamie].”


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  1. Claire seems to have it in her nature to bring out the best in others. Tom had a bitter and unhappy life till he became acquainted with Jamie and Claire, and found he had valuable friends in them both. It is sometimes hard to grasp how superstitious people were in those years – no logic behind any of it. Claire never backed down from anyone which saved her many times.

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