***Important*** Updated List of Twitter, Instagram and FB Accounts For The Cast of Outlander   5 comments

We thought we would do an updated post of where you can find the actors of Outlander on Social Media. These are their official accounts, even if some don’t have checkmarks on them. Anyone who contacts you claiming to be one of those below, not from those accounts, is not them. We hope this helps you all. 

First of all we’ll start with us. We’re not STARZ but we own this website. Our IG is here, our Twitter is here , our FB is here and our Tumblr is here. We are not on TikTok. 

So here’s the rest. I didn’t check for Facebook or TikTok accounts as most of the actors post on IG or Twitter. 

Caitriona Balfe: Twitter | Instagram | Not on FB
Caitlin O’Ryan (Lizzy): Twitter | Instagram |
Cesar Domboy (Fergus): Twitter | Instagram |
Charles Vandervaart (William Ransom): Twitter | Instagram |
David Berry (Lord John): Not on Twitter | Instagram |
Diana Gabaldon: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram |
Duncan Lacroix (Murtagh): Not on Twitter | Instagram |
Graham McTavish (Dougal): Twitter | Instagram |
Grant O’Rourke (Played Rupert): Twitter | Instagram |
Izzy Meikle-Small (Rachel Hunter): Twitter | Instagram |
Joey Phillips (Denzell Hunter): Twitter | Instagram |
John Bell (Young Ian): Not on Twitter| Instagram |
Lauren Lyle (Marsali): Twitter | Instagram |
Lotte Verbeek (Geillis Duncan): Twitter | Instagram |
Nell Hudson (Laoghaire): Twitter | Instagram |
Sophie Skelton (Brianna): Twitter | Instagram |
Stephen Walters (Played Angus): Twitter | Not on IG |
Steven Cree (Ian Murray): Twitter | Instagram |
Richard Rankin (Roger Mac): Twitter | Instagram | Not on TikTok
Tim Downie (Governor Tryon): Twitter | Instagram |
Tobias Menzies (Frank/BJR): Twitter | Not on IG |
Sam Heughan: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook  (Never uses this account)

Show Runners and writers:
Outlander STARZ: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook |
Outlander Writers: Twitter 
Maril Davis: Twitter | Instagram |
Matt B. Roberts: Twitter | Instagram |
Ron D. Moore: Twitter | Not on IG |
The Outlander Collector: Twitter | Instagram |

Terry Dresbach: Twitter | Twitter Account #2 |
Jon Gary Steele: Twitter | Instagram |
Barry Waldo: Twitter | Instagram |
Davie Stewart: Twitter | Instagram |
Bear McCreary: Twitter | Instagram |


I didn’t include actors from previous seasons. If you see someone missing please let me know. 


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  2. Hi! Grant O’Rourke portrayed Rupert, not Angus Mhor. Thanks for this comprehensive list! Anne in NoHo

  3. Is there a listing for Bear Mcreary, the man who created all of the gorgeous music? Thank you

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