**PLEASE READ** A Few Site Updates and Where You Can Find Us

Hi all!

We just wanted to give you guys an update on the site. We’re working to make it more mobile friendly. If you’re on mobile the look of the site will be different, if you’re on you’re on a desktop computer the site will look the same. If anyone has any issues with the mobile set-up, please let us know. We know we still need to make some colour changes. You can still download screencaps and photos.

Here’s also an update on where you can find us:

  • You can subscribe to site by clicking on the “Follow site” in the menu on the left of you’re screen;
  • We’re on Facebook here
  • We’re on Instagram here
  • We’re on Twitter here 
  • We’re on Tumblr here 
  • We ARE NOT on TikTok

Also a huge THANK YOU to everyone who donated to keep the site running.