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*New* Pics of Sophie Skelton   Leave a comment

Here are some new pics of Sophie Skelton. One of them is from when she was young. 

Picture of Sophie Skelton

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Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander Interview With KUNM   Leave a comment

Picture of author Diana Gabaldon

Here’s Diana Gabaldon’s interview with KUNM. 


KUNM: Well, to be fair to you, your “Outlander” series is now a big hit across the US and even across the pond.  Why do you think people are so captivated with tales of romance and fantasy like yours?

GABALDON: Oh, well, those are both very, very old story forms. And it’s reasonable enough these both deal with: What are we? How do we complete ourselves? What are we looking for in life? Most people are looking for a stable relationship, whatever it’s for, maybe they want to have families whatever form those take.

KUNM: What connections do you make personally, when you look back at your writing, and what’s currently going on right now?

GABALDON: Human chaos is basically something that I deal with all the time. And, you look at what’s going on on television. You know, aside from the introduction of technology, things have not changed that much. People still want to stone each other for believing the wrong thing. People still want to shriek and carry on and gibber. I mean, watching people on TV having protests in the street, and so forth. It’s not that different from what you see in the jungle. Human behavior is instinctive, rather than reasoned. It’s all too easy for people to abandon their reason, and just behave instinctively. And instinct is a very short fuse kind of thing.


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New Outlander Season 7 Teaser   Leave a comment

Here’s a teaser from season 7 of Outlander 

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