Must See – Amazing Photos and Videos of Scotland Taken by Craig Dodds (hiking.scotland)

Today we’re featuring an amazing Instagram photographer who take stunning photographs and videos of Scotland. Below you’ll see some of his shots, videos and the descriptions. I’m just posting a few, so make sure you follow him on IG to see the rest. He caught my attention because he captures view points we don’t normally see, especially in his videos. 

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**Please do not use his pictures without asking him for permission.**

The shot below is absolutely stunning! 

Three Sisters of Glencoe

From Craig:

Bidean nam Bian proving that the Scottish highlands look stunning in all conditions 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Situated in the heart of Glencoe, Bidean nam Bian massif is made up of three neighbouring ridges: Aonach Dubh, Beinn Fhada and Gearr Aonach, which are collectively known as “The Three Sisters of Glencoe”.

The mountain boasts numerous iconic hikes, including the hike to summit the two munros of Bidean nam Bian and Stob Coire Sgreamhach; the start of this hike is visible to the right of the image as it ascends the valley between the two buttresses seen here.

The hike is long and steep, taking about 10 hours and with some very exposed sections requiring basic scrambling, but the views throughout are some of the finest in the area! Meanwhile, the final stretch of the descent rewards you with a magical hike through the famous Hidden Valley of Glencoe.

Have you summited Bidean nam Bian yet?

See the rest below 

The Fairy Glen – Isle of Skye

From Craig

Who’s visited Castle Ewen on the Isle of Skye?

Also named ‘the Fairy Castle’, this basalt structure is not actually man-made, but is named such as it resembles a ruined tower. Looming over the Fairy Glen, the short climb to the top of Castle Ewen offers some of the finest 360 views of the surrounding hills.

Fun fact: the unusual landscape of the fairy glen was the result of a glacial landslip, similar to the one that created Quiraing and the Storr.

From Craig

The Fairy Glen in Skye is one of the Isle’s most famous landmarks. The small Glen is located in the heart of farmland and features numerous cone-shaped hills and scattered waterfalls, with the most famous of its features being Castle Ewen – a natural rock formation with the appearance of a fortified tower.

Fun fact I learned: the features of the Glen were the result of a landslip, similarly to those that created The Storr and Quiraing!

We arrived early morning and were fortunate enough to have the Glen entirely to ourselves (and the local sheep). What a fun wee playground, even in the fog!


From Craig

Ben Lomond was my second climb, and the weather was quite unassuming for the most part…until we reached the summit and were presented with these moody, almost-ethereal views. Loved it!

From Craig

The views of Loch Leven from Sgòrr na Cìche are unreal! Is this on your Scottish bucket list? 👇

More commonly known as ‘The Pap of Glencoe’ due to its conical shape, this Graham stands at 742m tall.

Following the standard route from Glencoe, the summit is typically reached in around 2 hours. The climb is steep and boggy with a rocky section during the final ascent, however the views from the top are some of the finest in Glencoe!


I love this video and the description he gives.