NEW Outlander Season 7 Stills and Premiere Date   7 comments

Here are NEW Outlander Season 7 Stills and Premiere Date

Season 7 is premiering June 16 with a split season

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7 responses to “NEW Outlander Season 7 Stills and Premiere Date

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  1. I can hardly wait even if it is a split season – June 16 is marked on my calendar. Really have missed everyone.

  2. Not sure my earlier comment went through – but I can hardly wait till Season 7 is finally coming (split season or not). Really missed all my favourite actors. June 16 for Outlander Season 7 is marked down on my calendar.

    • The world ne3ds to know how big of a phenomenon OUTLANDER truly is. Fans all over the world are beyond excited for Outlander to be back from this LONG DROUGHTLANDER. I Can’t believe we will get a split season and Season 8 AND a prequel. But there will NEVER be another Jamie and Claire and crew!!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing these pictures! Glad we have an airing date.

  4. Can’t wait for the premiere of Outlander so excited for it.

  5. What channel is Outlander on in UK and when.

    Patricia Johnston

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