NEW Outlander Season 8 Announcement Video   3 comments

Here is a NEW Outlander Season 8 Video Announcement

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  1. Awww. I love Outlander so much and what a journey we were all taken on. A renewed love for Scotland, and the history of the Scottish people of the era of Culloden and afterwards. Thank you Sam and Caitriona for being “Outlander”. I am waiting for Season 7 to come to TV and then the wait for Season 8. I’ll be crying for sure after Season 8.

  2. We’ll all be heart broken 💔! It seems like this series has a part of our lives forever. I’ll never forget the 12 days my son and I spent in Scotland in 2017.

    Lori Lynn McCarthy
  3. I am thrilled about season 8. I was concerned s7 was going to be it. I am betting Sam and Caitriona are looking forward to new projects. However, that last episode of s8 will be a sad one for me. 🥹

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