NEW Outlander Earns 3 Scottish BAFTA Nominations   3 comments

Congratulations To Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe and Richard Rankin On Your Scottish BAFTA Nominations


3 responses to “NEW Outlander Earns 3 Scottish BAFTA Nominations

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  1. ik hoop dat caitriona Balfe het natuurlijk wordt !!!!!!!

  2. Congratulations to Sam, Caitriona and Richard. Awesome news that they are being rewarded for all their hard work and amazing talent.

  3. I think Sam Haughan and Caitrina Balfe deserve every award going. They have brought the great Diana Gabaldons books Outlander to life . They have earned millions of fans around the world watching this beautiful love story come to life. They have made it the best show on TV and the best couple ever known on TV. They have worked for long periods of time on this show in some awful weather conditions. They should feel so proud of what they’ve achieved and working alongside a great cast and crew. I for one hope with all my heart it gets to season 10 for this beautiful story. They deserve all the awards . Sam is the king of men and a lovely kind man, he shines inside and out and is forever doing good deeds for charity, they both do ❤️❤️

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