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Here is a NEW Interview with Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan From Glamour

From Glamour:

Outlander’s season six finale just left us with one hell of a cliffhanger. It’s going to make however long this next Droughtlander lasts even harder to get through. At least knowing that production is well underway on the new season is of some comfort. With any luck, we’ll be getting answers before spring 2023. (Now is a good time to point out that if you haven’t watched the season six finale yet, bookmark this page and come back once you have.)

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So let’s get to the good stuff, shall we? The episode—titled “I Am Not Alone”—opens with the theme song, and not a cold open as is usually the case. We soon understand why: Claire—or if it’s not Claire, it’s a woman who looks nearly exactly like her—is seen at a diner in the late ’50s or so with a fellow companion (most likely a young Bree) ordering a Coke, burger, and fries. That’s really all we get before we shift back to the late 1700s as Claire is about to be arrested for a murder she didn’t commit. 

Richard Brown, the head of the Committee of Safety, says he will leave the Ridge only when he has Claire in his possession. Jamie is not about to let that happen, and neither is Claire: She shoots one of Brown’s men who tries to capture her. All hell breaks out in the form of a shoot-out, and we see that brief moment from the opening credits where Claire purposefully walks out of her house with a rifle and takes aim. Meanwhile, Jamie says Claire being mistakenly arrested for Malva’s death is only an excuse for revenge on Marsali for killing Richard Brown’s brother Lionel (from the season five finale).

Much further away, we take a break from all the chaos and see Roger and Bree as they travel to Edenton. They discuss if and when they’ll eventually tell Jemmy about time travel and what they went through to be together. 

Back at the Ridge, there’s a break amongst the violence as everyone regroups, but Claire and Jamie know they have a huge battle ahead of them. All I can think of (aside from their safety, of course) is their poor house and the mess they’ll have to clean up. Of course, they’d be only so lucky to have that problem; at this rate, survival is all that matters. 

Hundreds of miles away, with Jemmy asleep, Roger and Bree get busy while talking dirty about cars (you had to be there). But in all seriousness, it’s a lovely moment between the couple. 

As that’s happening, Claire and Jamie start talking about what they’d want for their last meal; Claire votes for a cheeseburger, fries, and a Coke from Carmi’s, a diner she used to take Bree to when she was little. “That was our regular order,” she tells her husband, and now that opening scene makes a lot more sense. 


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