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Here is a NEW Interview with Diana Gabaldon From Parade

From Parade:

At the end of Outlander Season 5, Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) dumped the body of Lionel (Ned Dennehy) at the feet of Lionel’s brother, Richard Brown (Chris Larkin). Richard has been waiting to get his revenge ever since—and in Season 6’s seventh episode, which premiered Sunday, April 24, the death of Malva Christie (Jessica Reynolds) finally gave Richard the excuse he needed. The episode (which is also Season 6’s penultimate) ends with Richard and his “Committee of Safety” heading to the big house on Fraser’s Ridge to arrest Claire (Caitríona Balfe) for murder.

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Little does Richard know that Claire is already suffering because of the Browns. Lionel is like a ghost haunting her and driving her to her many ether-induced sleep escapes, but for viewers, he is also a mechanism that allows us to hear what’s going on inside Claire’s head.

“Lionel is a pretty effective mechanism for… reflecting, shall we say?… Claire’s inner turmoil,” Outlander bestselling author Diana Gabaldon exclusively tells about the action in the series’ latest episode. “In fact, he often is literally a reflection, showing up in mirrors, glass doors and windowpanes. He also usually shows up behind her, slithering into view from the side, sneaking up on her. Which is, of course, exactly what her fractured thoughts are doing.”

Lionel’s ethereal presence stems from the PTSD Claire has suffered from after she was attacked in Season 5 at the hands of Lionel and his band of thugs from Brownsville. And while it is true it is a manifestation of those events, it goes beyond that into all the doubts that assail Claire because of what she sees as her selfishness for having done everything in her power to be reunited with Jamie.

“Lionel’s what her mind is using for a metaphor to articulate itself, to say the things Claire can’t bring herself to look at,” Gabaldon continues. “And to be honest, I think one reason for using this device is that Ned Dennehy is just so good at playing repellent evil, the showrunners were loath to lose him.”


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