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Here is a NEW Interview with Jessica Reynolds From TV Insider 

From TV Insider:

The latest episode of Outlander made way for shocking reveals and even bigger mysteries as tensions rise on Fraser’s Ridge.

In “The World Turned Upside Down,” Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) really do have their world flipped upside down, from a mystery illness among their settlers to a very unsettling revelation from Malva Christie (Jessica Reynolds). When Claire herself falls ill, she’s cared for by her family and Malva, but when she begins to recover, the Frasers learn Malva is pregnant. The catch? Malva claims Jamie is the father.

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At first, Claire is distraught, considering she had a vision of Malva comforting Jamie in a close way, but she has her faith for Jamie reaffirmed by his actions. It’s clear that Malva’s troubled and hiding the true identity of her baby’s father, but no real answers are unearthed because Malva ends up dead by the episode’s end.

Found by Claire in her garden, Malva’s throat was slit, and Claire was forced to carry out an emergency cesarean on her unborn child. Sadly, the efforts were futile, leading to a devastating ending. But will further answers about Malva’s mysterious ending be unveiled? Jessica Reynolds opens up about her character’s storyline, potential answers on the horizon, and more.

Malva begins the season quiet and shy, but little by little we learn there’s another side to her. What was the best part about exploring her character progression?

It was so great for me. I read the book, which is in chapters and that’s the way it unfolds with Malva, right? We’re peeling back these layers time after time and it was just so great in terms of how they [translated] it from the book into the series. They really lent that tool to me, in terms of her evolution. In each episode, there’s a little bit more every time, and so it made it seamless for me to portray the arc.

Then also there was a lot of work for me to fill in the gaps. I figured out exactly in my head when I thought she got pregnant, which is a pivotal moment when she starts to act up. It’s interesting to see viewers judge her for what she’s doing, without knowing that subtext and that background because, in my head, making those character choices, it was like, as soon as she’s pregnant, survival mode comes in. She’s in a state of complete desperation and that’s when she starts getting a little creepy as everyone has said.


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