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Here is a NEW Interview with Diana Gabaldon from Parade

From Parade:

Even as Season 6 of Outlander had to film during the COVID-19 pandemic, its storyline included a pandemic of its own when residents of Fraser’s Ridge began dying from unknown but similar symptoms in episode 6. After tending to so many of the ill, Claire Fraser (Caitríona Balfe) finally succumbed herself and takes to her bed, experiencing fever dreams.

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In her dreams, she sees Jamie (Sam Heughan) with another woman, but she also sees other fever-induced visions, like the beating of her own heart. So, when Malva Christie (Jessica Reynolds) later describes what Claire thinks she saw, it initially causes her doubt.

“Both the fever dream and its specific images are taken directly from the book,” Outlander bestselling author Diana Gabaldon shares in a new exclusive interview with Parade. “Unfortunately, it’s really difficult to convey a dream—especially a dream involving moods and unreal creatures/situations—on film. Subjective chaos is one of the things you can do much more easily (and usually more effectively) in writing, because you can evoke the reader’s own imagination. Film imposes its own reality, and if that’s too far from the viewer’s sense of things, it may not work that well.”

But as Gabaldon notes, “They pretty much had to film Claire’s dream, because she has to incorporate the vision of Jamie and Malva into it. Without that, she wouldn’t have the slightest doubt as to whether Malva’s story was true or not.”


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