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Here is a NEW Interview with Outlander 6×05 Director Christiana Ebohon-Green With Den Of Geek

From Den Of Geek:

Outlander Season 6 has crossed the halfway point in this shortened season. Den Of Geek was unable to visit Jamie and Claire’s living room, but we did have a long chat with Christiana Ebohon-Green to go behind the scenes on episodes 4 and 5, discover more about her directing style, and also what it means to be a Black professional in a predominately white UK media industry.

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DEN OF GEEK: How would you describe your directing style, for somebody who has no idea what directing even entails?

CHRISTIANA EBOHON-GREEN: I like actors, which isn’t always the case. It is quite nice to create a safe space for the actors to be able to do their best work no matter what else is going on or what the requirements are from the camera team or time. Making sure that each of those actors are okay, and that they’ve got it and they know what it is that you want them to do, and it’s what they also want to do. Then if the intention isn’t clear, there’s a chance for them to go again. So sometimes if they say, “Can we just have another go at that?” to kind of go, “Yeah, we have got time for you to do that,” because personally, what I get from them is… That’s one of the most important things that I’ll take in to edit. So no matter about the smoke and the mirrors and whatever else. The performance and the emotion and everything else isn’t on point, then I haven’t got it to put on screen.

When were you first offered the opportunity to direct on Outlander Season 6?

Well, it was over a year ago. I met the guys just in 2019 to start, and I think then had to pause because of COVID and the lockdown. It just went very quiet for a while. And then it was about 18 months ago now that they were meeting again. We had another chat and it was quite soon after that that I was offered the block.


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