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Here is a NEW Interview With John Bell From TV Insider

From TV Insider:

In Outlander‘s latest episode, “Hour of the Wolf,” the show delves into the time Ian (John Bell) spent with the Mohawk between Seasons 4 and 5, filling in some serious story gaps and unveiling a heartbreaking tale of love and loss.

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Faced with the demons of his past when he is unexpectedly reunited with his Mohawk brother Kaheroton (Braeden Clarke), Ian opens up to his uncle Jamie (Sam Heughan) about his love story with his Mohawk wife, Wahionhaweh (Morgan Holmstrom), who he referred to as Emily and their children lost to miscarriages. As the episode plays out, Jamie learns that Ian was asked to leave the Mohawk as Kaheroton and Emily were matched to improve her chances of bearing children.

Feelings of betrayal begin to resolve for Ian when an unexpected duel with a crooked Indian Agent and Kaheroton arises. Knowing the high stakes, Ian goes on an emotional journey opening up about his trauma and forgiving his Mohawk brother for the way that things turned out between them. Below, Bell discusses Ian’s big episode, sharing his love story, deepening his bond with Jamie, and teases what’s to come.

We’ve known for some time that Ian had been through some trauma during his stay with the Mohawk. As a performer, does bringing that trauma to life seem easier now that he’s lived through those moments onscreen?

John Bell: Yeah, completely. It’s difficult to play something that’s so chronologically not there. It’s a benefit because I know where I want my character to be by the end of it. I wanted all the dots to connect, and of course, I knew what had happened to him back in Season 5. I’d already known that he’d fallen in love, he had tried to have children with her and was basically told to leave the tribe, but what I didn’t really know was how Kaheroton was going to be involved and this reckoning of him being the catalyst for him having to deal with his past yet again.

I think at the end of Season 5, [Ian had] managed to compartmentalize it, stick it in a box and shove it to the back of his head and just go on with things. Now, he’s confronted with this ghost from his past, and that all comes flooding forward again. But through the power of talking about your feelings, he is stronger.


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