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Here is a NEW Interview and Photoshoot With Sophie Skelton

From Style Caster:

Sophie Skelton knew what she was getting herself into when she accepted the role of Brianna Fraser on Outlander—or at least she thought she did. She had already spent hours poring through Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander books, which serve as the basis for the Starz show, before her very first audition in 2014. “I read from book two to book four,” Skelton says, remembering the way she feverishly scanned the pages for all of “Brianna’s bits.”

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She wouldn’t hear back about the role for another year, but during that time, Skelton never stopped thinking about Brianna: the witty, headstrong college student from Boston who travels back in time to reunite with her English mother, Claire Randall Fraser, and meet her biological father, Scottish highlander Jamie Fraser, in 18th century North Carolina.

To the uninitiated, Outlander’s time-traveling, globe-trotting premise might sound like quite the doozy. Add Gabaldon’s exhaustive source material into the mix—nine books, three novellas and counting—and you’ve got an epic tale that rivals the likes of Game of Thrones. Like George R.R. Martin’s series, Gabaldon’s books had a dedicated readership before Outlander’s premiere in 2014. For years, these fans waited for their version of Bree to appear on screen; she was towering, strong-shouldered, blue-eyed and boasted thick red hair like her father Jamie, whose luscious locks were once described by Gabaldon as a “shining mass of auburn, copper, cinnamon and gold.” But that’s not Skelton.

When she arrives at StyleCaster’s offices in New York City, Skelton stands shorter than most members of the makeup and photo crew—and that’s with Louboutin heels on, their signature red soles peeking out with her every step. Her eyes, a deep honey brown, gaze around the small library where we’ve set up for the day. After getting acquainted, she pulls off the black peacoat she arrived in, revealing the lithe frame of a former dancer. “I did ballet for years,” she tells us later during her photoshoot, stretching her arms in ways that only someone with a practiced sense of grace can manage to make look so good. Her hair, dark brown with a natural wave, is a stark contrast to her character’s curly ginger mane on Outlander. Now she wears it slicked straight behind her ears, gently pushing any rogue strands back between shots.


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