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Here is a NEW Interview with Diana Gabaldon From Parade

From Parade:

The third episode of Outlander Season 6 opens with a biblical reference, as we see Henri-Christian, the baby son belonging to Fergus (César Domboy) and Marsali (Lauren Lyle) floating in a basket down the river, very much as you’d imagine baby Moses had done on the Nile.

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While Moses was rescued by Pharoah’s daughter, Henri-Christian gets rescued by Roger (Richard Rankin) just before the basket hits the rapids. Unlike Moses, though, Henri-Christian wasn’t put in the basket to save him from certain death, but to see if he would float; after overhearing their parents call Henri-Christian demon-born because of his dwarfism, several of the boys on Fraser’s Ridge tested out the bizarre theory in an equally strange way.

But why did Outlander author Diana Gabaldon include Henri-Christian’s story in her bestselling novel A Breath of Snow and Ashes, on which Season 6 is based? As Gabaldon exclusively explains to Parade, “I’m always looking out for the people you’d find in a small community but who you might not think of right off. And people with disabilities, defined loosely as any condition that means you need some help to deal with daily life, of course are in this category.”

Gabaldon also describes Henri-Christian as a “mushroom“—that is, a character who pops up unexpectedly as she’s writing, only to promptly walk off with the scene. Henri-Christian also adds conflict to the story: As a person who is different, he changes and challenges people within his family and community—people who, back in 1773, didn’t understand DNA.


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  1. One intrigue after another on Outlander. Poor Claire and Fergus – am following their struggles and pain with the hopes that they will find peace.

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