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Here is a NEW Interview with Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin From TV Insider

From TV Insider:

Outlander‘s stirring up drama in its sixth season, but for two characters on Fraser’s Ridge, things are relatively light in comparison to their past obstacles, and that would be Brianna (Sophie Skelton) and Roger Mackenzie (Richard Rankin).

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Following the first two episodes, it would seem that their biggest challenges are finding ways to help the Ridge and also work on expanding their family. For an engineer like Brianna, it’s hard to face life in the 18th century knowing what inventions are to come, and so viewers got a peek at the ways in which she’s bringing that knowledge to the community.

Most recently the young mother tackled matches to which she received fairly lackluster responses, “I think initially she’s testing the water,” Skelton shares, teasing Brianna’s choice to start small with inventions. “I think she’ll make her way through the elements. She’s made fire. Could be onto water next,” Skelton teases, “who knows?”

No matter what’s to come, Skelton promises Bree’s ideas will definitely get bigger and bigger as [the season] goes on. As for Roger, he’s going to continue embracing his ministry role among Tom Christie (Mark Lewis Jones) and his fisherfolk. “Roger sees his application of that as a real way to help people on the Ridge in the absence of a minister there,” Rankin explains. “It’s less about the religion of it for Roger and more that he feels he can help people that are in need of that space being filled.”


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