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Here is a NEW Photoshoot and Interview Of Sam Heughan From InStyle

From InStyle:

The sight of Sam Heughan, the actor best-known for his role as Jamie Fraser on Outlander, seated before me in a black leather moto jacket feels almost impossible at first — a testament to his show’s world-building ability, and its tendency to shift seamlessly between continents and centuries. Not that I expected him to show up in a kilt and say, “Ah dinna ken, Sassenach.” But maybe I kind of did? 


In addition to the jacket, which fits snugly across miles-long shoulders, the actor wears dark jeans, black lace-up boots, and a button down shirt. He folds his lean, 6-foot-2 frame into the dressing room couch for our interview, his massive wingspan sprawling over the backrest. 

“I think actors before social media were pretty elusive,” he says reflecting on his relationship with celebrity today and the expectation to share intimate details of his life. “I love to people watch. I don’t like standing out in the crowd … I love sitting in a cafe or a bar and just watching people.” 

While he’s no longer sporting Jamie’s red curls in real life (“[my hair] got dyed so many times it eventually just wouldn’t hold the color and it turned purple,” he remembers), it’s hard to imagine Sam Heughan ever blended in with common folk, or at least those of us who aren’t above-average height with a jawline to rival a Disney prince. Nonetheless. “I think if you stand out and people recognize you, then you can’t [observe]. You’re no longer anonymous.”


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