NEW Photoshoot and Interview with Alexander Vlahos From 1883 Magazine   1 comment

Here is a NEW Photoshoot and Interview with Alexander Vlahos From 1883 Magazine

From 1883:

With the imminent release of the latest seasons of Outlander and Sanditon, Alexander Vlahos more than proves the range of his talent.

It is an oft-heard statement that being an actor means playing pretend as a living and while at the foundation his may be true, for some it is less of a “pretending” and more of a bringing to life. One such talent is Alexander Vlahos. The charismatic Welshman is known for lending his likeness to a plethora of fantasy worlds and period pieces, including the cult classic TV show Merlin and Canal+ historical fiction series Versailles. The characters he portrayed, Mordred and Philippe I, Duke of Orleans, respectively, were brought to the screen as relatable, in-depth individuals. This month, he is adding two new worlds to his resume as he joins the cast of Outlander and Sanditon. 

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Both shows, the Starz megahit and the Britbox acquisition, take place in fantasy worlds rooted in reality. Adapted from novels, the characters were beloved, or hated, by many before gracing the screen and garnering more fans still. Vlahos steps into the vastly different roles with a confidence earned from honing his craft. The swaggering newcomer to the seaside resort of Sanditon could not be more at odds with Fraser’s Ridge’s morally afflicted “villain,” making watching Alexander take on both a masterclass in acting. It is clear that while the Welshman may be “playing pretend” in these larger-than-life stories he takes the time to find the true character in person he portrays, truly bringing life to what was once words on a page.

Alexander Vlahos chats with 1883 Magazine’s Sydney Bolen about finding humanity in his characters, his time on the hit shows, his love of theatre, and more. 

Congrats on the upcoming month! How are you feeling about the impending releases?

Thank you so much! This month is turning out to be quite crazy. Having Outlander and Sanditon come out at the same time is kind of rare for an actor – I think my agent is over the moon. I’m feeling quite apprehensive. We filmed both of the projects last year. It’s serendipitous that they are both coming out at the same time, and both completely contrasting roles, but it’s a joy for an actor to be able to promote two wonderful shows. I’m looking forward to the audience seeing them.


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  1. A very handsome Alexander Vlahos. Very interesting interview.

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