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Here is a NEW Photoshoot and Interview with Sam Heughan From Gentleman’s Journal

From GJ:

When Sam Heughan smiles, you smile. It’s a given; a guarantee — a beaming, pearly-white law of good-natured nature. It’s one of those rare smiles, brightly flashed and seemingly blessed with mystical, magical powers. And nothing in this world makes the Scot smile more freely and infectiously than a good motorbike. Thankfully, we’ve brought along a Bonneville Bobber today for the actor to play with; one of Triumph Motorcycles’ most stylish, vintage-tinged two-wheelers. 

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“I’ve actually got one of these,” grins the actor from behind the handlebars. “Not a Bobber, but a Triumph. I bought a special edition Street Twin, in black and gold. And it’s just so nice. Traditional, classic and British — but in such a modern, updated style. When I’m not in Los Angeles, I live in Glasgow, and you can just get on your motorbike there and be out of the city in 30 minutes. I did that a lot last summer, actually. And Glasgow’s brilliant. It’s got such great buzz, great restaurants. I love it.”

It’s free-wheeling, smile-fuelled small talk. And, as Heughan strikes more poses from the saddle, and we all get pulled further into the orbit of that gleeful grin, he drops some film-related facts about Scotland’s second city. The latest Indiana Jones film has just finished filming on Renfield Street, he says. I counter with The Batman, Robert Pattinson’s new spin on the caped crusader, which also filmed in some of Glasgow’s gothic haunts. This information raises one of Heughan’s handsome eyebrows. Because, before the Scottish actor became Jamie Fraser, the strapping, ponytailed protagonist of his Starz series, Outlander, he was Batman.


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  1. Me encantan todas las fotos eres ademas de apuesto un caballero de la epoca moderna te admiro Samhueghan

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