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Here is a NEW Interview with Sophie Skelton From Harper’s Bazaar

From HB:

It’s been nearly two years since we last saw Sophie Skelton play Brianna Fraser Mackenzie, the strong-willed student who follows her mother, Claire Randall Fraser, back in time on Outlander. One world-altering pandemic and the longest “droughtlander” in the series’ history later, Skelton and her castmates are finally returning to screens in season 6.

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Outlander is known for its over-the-top drama (see: the time-travel precedent) and the stakes are only getting higher in season 6. Ramifications from last season’s finale—where Brianna’s father, Jamie Fraser, rescued Claire from outlaw abductors, while Brianna, her husband Roger Mackenzie, and her son Jemmy tried (and failed) to return to the relative safety of the 1960s—are still yet to be revealed. Looming in the background of it all is the impending Revolutionary War, threatening to disrupt any sense of peace the Fraser-Mackenzie family could find at their home in the North Carolina backcountry.

One thing that’s for certain? More change is coming for the Fraser-Mackenzie clan. In Brianna’s case, Skelton tells this season will spotlight a side of her character audiences haven’t seen before: one that’s relatively “settled” while chaos swirls around her family. Previous seasons have put Brianna through relentless trauma while navigating a new life in the past. This season, she’s given time to evolve as a mother and family leader amid all that history in progress…at least in the first episode.

Before last weekend’s premiere on Starz, Skelton spoke with us about tapping into a new version of Brianna, how her character is building a future in the past, and what lies ahead on Outlander this season.

Tell us a bit about what it was like returning to the Outlander set after such a long break. Were there any challenges getting back into character?

Covid was the longest I’d actually been away from Bree, and we didn’t have new scripts coming in for the new season. Obviously, having the books to lean on is a great thing because I knew where the character was going. So it hadn’t completely gone, but there were definitely elements where I was thinking oh, what accent does she have again? It’s like putting on an old coat where you don’t know if it’s going to fit anymore.

I was excited to get back into Bree’s shoes because in a weird way I missed her. She’s so brave and ballsy and so unapologetically herself. I was also excited for season 6 playing Brianna as a mother. Roger and Brianna are the most settled we’ve seen them so far. Brianna is this more calm, collected version of herself. Usually she’s so hot-headed and fires off on all cylinders. This season, she’s kind of the rock that everyone goes to. So I was excited to play that more mature version of her.


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