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Here is a NEW Interview with Maril Davis From Entertainment Weekly

From EW:

All is not well on Fraser’s Ridge.

On Sunday, season 6 of Outlander premiered on Starz, bringing with it a host of new dramas and conflicts for the residents of Jamie Fraser’s settlement. Picking up not long after the conclusion of season 5, the Starz series finds the Frasers struggling to reach a semblance of normalcy as Claire (Caitriona Balfe) experiments with making ether, Jamie (Sam Heughan) tries to put off a request from the Crown to become an Indian agent, and trouble comes to the Ridge in forms both new (the Christie family and their fellow settlers) and old (the Browns and the Committee for Safety).

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But weighing over all of this is Claire’s persisting trauma and PTSD after being kidnapped, assaulted, and raped by a pack of vicious men in the season 5 finale. Claire insists to everyone — Jamie, Bree (Sophie Skelton), Marsali (Lauren Lyle), etc. — that she’s fine. But she’s keeping an insidious secret. Beset by nightmares and the overwhelming horror of what she experienced, she’s self-medicating, knocking herself out with the ether she’s been producing to assist with difficult surgeries.

Claire has been known to seek an emotional distraction in her work as a doctor, but this time she’s taking it too literally — and too far. The reveal is new to the series, not having been a plot line in Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander novels on which the show is based.

“We were all searching for something, a throughline for Claire,” executive producer Maril Davis tells EW. “We did not feel we just wanted to drop it. Season 6 picked up nearly immediately after season 5, and it’s still so fresh and raw in all of our minds. It felt like … we’d be doing Claire a great disservice if we did not address it in some fashion.”


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