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Here is a NEW Interview with Caitriona Balfe From Digital Spy

From DS:

It’s almost two years since Outlander season five ended with a shocking storyline – the brutal kidnapping and rape of Claire Fraser by Lionel Brown and his men – and star Caitríona Balfe is looking forward to fans finally seeing how her character is coping in the aftermath of the attack as season six begins on March 6.

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“I think it was really important when last season we were talking about the attack and the rape and what that was going to be, we were already having conversations about how important it was that we were going to show the aftermath and the recovery [in the next season],” says Caitríona in an interview with Digital Spy.

“Our writers did a fantastic job, and they came up with this great premise about what would be the likely result of what Claire would do in terms of having PTSD, and how she would navigate through that.”

As Outlander fans know, Claire has already had her share of traumas, beginning, of course, when the 1940s army nurse found herself transported back to 18th century Scotland and into the arms of rugged Highlander Jamie Fraser. She has survived at least four previous sexual assaults (including one by the French king), a near-drowning at sea, and narrowly escaped being burnt at the stake as a suspected witch, but last season’s attack was the most horrific of all, and one that would clearly have long-lasting ramifications for Claire and her family.

“What I loved is that we do see Claire unravel in a way that we have never seen before, and this kind of old coping mechanism that she has had of compartmentalising everything and moving on just doesn’t serve her any more,” says Caitríona about the new season.

“It’s really interesting to be able to explore her in a new way, and be able to kind of take her on this new journey because you can’t expect a character or somebody to go through something like that and for it not to deeply, deeply, shake them to their core.


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