NEW HQ Character Posters and Stills For Outlander Season 6   3 comments

Here are NEW HQ Character Poster and Stills For Outlander Season 6

Outlander Season 6 Marketing Shoot – May 12-15 2021 Comp Image ID’s: OLS6_051421_1542 OLS6_051421_1563

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  1. Wow! The photos above are awesome – now if only Season 6 will come to TV. This waiting is getting a bit much. Bring on Season 6 of Outlander. Thank you for sharing the photos above.

  2. I’m new to OL and have become obsessed! I’ve seen all the shows now but have never read the books. I want to talk sex. OL is noted for Sam and Cait’s steamy chemistry. They are pretty quick on the draw from kissing to consummating. Yet the lovemaking is so beautiful, not salacious at all, and very intimate. But has anyone noticed the change in the love scenes starting in Season 3 and steadily evolving over the ensuing seasons? The white hot passion that we saw in the beginning became less so, even in the Malcolm reunion episode. While Jamie and Claire certainly remain attracted to each other and in love, the blocking prevented him from fondling her breasts or touching or kissing her nipples as we saw on the first two seasons. He unrealistically preferred the middle of her chest. What man after 20 years would do that? We did see him encircle her breasts with his hands but the nipples were off limits. In the bathtub scene he did get close, but – no cigar. It was jarring and unnatural. And she no longer touches his buttocks. There are rarely long, hungry, juicy kisses, either. They are gentle, chaste, and short with the obligatory nose rubbing following. Sam and Caitriona have repeatedly said that they are trying to demonstrate a mature relationship. But does that mean that urgent passion has to be replaced with soft Eskimo kisses? If the camera did not occasionally capture Cait’s breasts, the rating could be changed to PG. Does anybody know if this is intentional? Perhaps Sam and Cait are tired of this part of their roles.

  3. I have also noticed this . Their has been rumors or chats saying Cait was pregnant in some of these scenes. This maybe why it is happeneing.

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